Luigi Bormioli Mixology 5 Pieces Mixology Set (Set Of 5)

Box of 5
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Between history and culture, from Prohibition to exotic mixtures of avant-garde, emerges Mixology, the art of mixing where nothing is left to chance. Luigi Bormioli embarked upon this new adventure with a collection of luxury Barware and Cocktail making equipment, created in collaboration with Yuri Gelmini, head barman of the Surfer’s Den in Milan and Futuristic Mixologist. The study and the search for new elements, expert hands which know how to mix and fine-tune new flavors, everything is left to the taste and the imagination of Futurist Mixologist Yuri Gelmini, and leads to forms of creativity and aesthetic expression thanks to both technical means and his ability deriving from study and experience in this field.

Our Mixology collection is:

  • 1 Elixir Dash Bottle No.1 3.5 oz Measures 2.2”DIA X 5.4”H
  • 1 Elixir Dash Bottle No.2 3.5 oz Measures 2”DIA X 5.4”H
  • 1 Elixir Dash Bottle No.3 3.5 oz Measures 1.5” x 3”DIA X 6”H
  • 1 Mixing Glass 23.84 oz Measures 4.5”DIA X 5.6”H
  • 1 Authentica Bottle with Silicone Stainless Pourer 17 oz Measures 2.7”DIA X 12.2”H
  • Perfect storing solution for wide range of essential oils and bitters
  • Ideal for mixing your drinks and making traditional or innovative
  • Innovative, elegant and functional design
  • Made in Italy