Tentazioni 14.25 oz Prosecco Tester Sparkling Wine Glasses (Set Of 6)

Box of 6
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The glasses in the Tentazioni line are designed to preserve the entire aromatic structure of the wine, mitigating the volatile alcoholic component. This allows the aromas to be released in all their glory as the wine leaves the bowl, enhancing the pleasure of tasting. As shown in the photo, the bowl is shaped to create a unique aromatic "ring" effect, preventing interference between volatile alcohol and the wine aromas. And that's not all. The double chimney holds the aromatic molecules in the headspace for a particularly long time without releasing them into the air. This enhances the fruity taste of the wine while the acidic and bitter components are minimized. The shape and dimensions of the Tentazioni glasses were conceived using an experimental process. The diameter, "D", of the free surface of the wine in the bowl (10 cl) is approximately 8 times the depth (d) of the wine. This leads to two results: High levels of wine aeration and the molecules of alcohol move rapidly toward the walls of the bowl, leaving only the aromatic molecules of the wine in the central part. This creates a "ring" aromatic distribution, as illustrated: The red lines represent the alcoholic components, the green lines represent the aromas of the wine. The wide rounded bowl allows the complex aromas to spread and aerate, highlighting the richness of their fragrances. The wine can also be swirled horizontally in the cup without rising up or leaving the alcohol on the walls which would interfere with the aromatic structure. This design allowed for the creation of specialized Tester glasses for different styles of wine, such as Orange Wines and Prosecco, and for Spirits.

Our Tentazioni collection is:

  • Measures 4”DIA X 6.2”H 0.35”LBs
  • 10.25 oz wine glasses come in a set of 6
  • A glass with an air of traditional class and an elegant and ergonomic stem, which hides a technical design created for tasting sweet sparkling wines. The distinctive elements are enhanced in every aromatic style, from the floral notes of Moscato to the fruity notes of Charmat, and the vanilla in the Metodo Classico
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Asti Spumante Docg Ca', Bianca, Lamberti Turà spumante, bianco extra dry, Cavicchioli Rosé Modena, DOC Spumante Extra Dry
  • SON.hyx - High-Tech blown lead-free crystal glass, is break resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Istituto Eccellenze Italiane Certificate - is an association of companies whose aim is to identify, codify and sensorially certify the excellence of Made in Italy
  • Titanium Reinforced - Permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass’ stems to increase resistance to breakages
  • Italian Tasters - Products tested by Centro Studi Assaggiatori Italiano
  • Fine, reinforced and laser cut rims
  • Pulled stems do not have any mold seams and are highly flexible
  • Made in Italy



Titanium Reinforced